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In Guadalajara, you may find several establishments offering all kinds of treatments, from sophisticated, body-pampering premises to authentic natural areas adapted to attain mind and body relaxation under holistic ambiences.

El Chante Day Spa. Located in Manuel Acuña 3674, Col. Sta. Rita, in Guadalajara. Mystic refuge within the city offering millenarian therapies and ancestral massage techniques that will captivate your senses, emotions and thoughts. Tel. +52 (33) 3813-0298.

Monte Coxala. Located in San Juan Cosala, 52 km south of Guadalajara, through highway 44 Guadalajara-Chapala. This eco spa offers healing and relaxation therapies by using hot springs. It offers services such as massage, aromatherapy, exfoliation, temascal baths, among others. Tel. (387) 761-011.

Rancho Río Caliente. Located inside La Primavera forest, this spa offers affordable therapies and rejuvenation treatments with hot springs, reflexology, shiatsu and mud wraps. Tel. +52 (650) 615-9543 US toll free 800 200-292.