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Historic Guadalajara

The Historic Center area represents a high real estate investment potential; the plans to redensify the city turn it into a new and very interesting investment pole, both for residential and commercial properties. Projects such as the Digital Creative City will result in one of the best planning and urban restructuring developments of years to come. The acquisition of historic properties, prone to be remodeled and restored for their residential or commercial use are unique opportunities for city lovers and those who wish to preserve its beauty and harmony within the Colonial metropolis.

In this area we can find magnificent buildings such as the Cathedral, with its towers which are currently the symbol of the city; likewise, we have the amazing Teatro Degollado, colossal edification from the 19th Century and the main artistic center in Guadalajara, and the Plaza Tapatía, which crowns itself with the Hospicio Cabañas, and is surrounded by monuments, ancient mansions of relevant artistic value and important popular business areas of the city.

Chapultepec Area

From downtown towards the western part of the city to the Arches of Avenida Vallarta, lies the city’s historical area. Here you will find the traditional residential zones that emerged in the 19th Century and at the beginning of the 20th Century; they developed here and prevailed until some decades ago as residential areas and, with time, they transformed, modifying their intended use to business purposes and offices.

Guadalajara’s redensification tendency has accentuated in this zone, aiming to rescue mainly the vertical housing in a highly urban environment; In this way, real estate developers have been remodeling ancient properties, subdividing lands and building new apartment towers, completely renewing the area to be inhabited again, this thanks to various factors like its particular architectural style, cultural and bohemian environment which fill its streets, ample avenues, an its excellent location and immediate access to any other place in the city.

In this area, the most important residential developments are basically Americana, Lafayette, Ladrón de Guevara and Moderna. It is known as Guadalajara’s zona rosa (business and entertainment area), featuring streets with pedestrian traffic, a wide variety of restaurants, coffee houses, bars, bookstores, boutiques, art galleries, decoration stores, as well as offices, corporate centers, banks, services, markets and shopping centers, making it a very attractive place to live in, everything at walking distances.

Northwestern Area

Today, this zone is predominantly residential, near Bosque de los Colomos, where we find the largest selection of high-end properties, constituted by residential developments located in the confluence of Guadalajara and Zapopan, such as: Providencia, Monraz, Country Club, Colinas de San Javier, Lomas del Valle, San Wenseslao, Santa Isabel, Villa Universitaria, Lomas del Bosque, Atlas Colomos, Altamira, Jacarandas, San Miguel de la Colina and Villa Magna, among others. You will find houses in open subdivided properties, private properties and condominiums with better services and security. This is the area with the highest real estate selection and residential plus and luxury, near shopping centers, sports clubs, schools, hospitals and all necessary services.

Puerta de Hierro – Andares – Acueducto Area

Located in the town of Zapopan in the western part of Avenida Patria, this zone has been developing since a couple of decades ago, mainly into condominiums or gated residential properties, some of them with restricted access in private security closed circuit systems; as well as into middle-high class to luxurious vertical condominiums, corporate buildings and the newest shopping centers of the metropolitan area: Andares and El Pabellón. Some of the most renowned exclusive residential developments in the Puerta de Hierro Area are: Royal Country, Puerta Aqua, Puerta Plata, Puerta del Bosque, El Coto, Pontevedra, Sotogrande and Los Frailes, among others.

Valle Real

Private horizontal condominium with restricted access, private security, composed of several subcondominiums or private residential developments ranging from middle-high class to luxurious properties. It is located in the area known as zona real, in the town of Zapopan, towards the western sector to the peripheral area between Avenida Aviación and Avenida Santa Margarita. The condominium has its own sports club and some nearby shopping centers. You will also find apartment towers in the outskirts of the development for a distinctive lifestyle. Near this area, you will find Gulf Courses, sports clubs, the University under the Monterrey Institute of Technology System, some schools and stores and services.

Vacation Properties

Traditionally, weekend destinations or ideal vacations for people from Guadalajara are rest houses in beautiful places designed to relax and recharge energy. People prefer the following places due to their proximity: Lake Chapala Riviera, especially the picturesque village of Ajijic, with one of the best climates in the world and the world’s largest community of American residents outside the USA; located at only 45 minutes from the metropolitan area; it is followed, just two hours away from the city, by the towns of Tapalpa and Mazamitla as mountain destinations, with spectacular views, log cabins in the woods and lower temperatures than in the city; then in the coast of the town of Colima, we have the most important harbor of the Mexican Pacific coast, Manzanillo, approximately 3 hours away by car; and finally, 4 hours away taking the highway, we have the coast of Bahía de Banderas, headed by beautiful Puerto Vallarta and spectacular Riviera Nayarita. Investing in a vacation property in these fabulous destinations complements any family’s patrimony and dreams.