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Guadalajara’s culinary wealth is the result of a combination of Colonial and Prehispanic food influences. You will be able to taste beef tamales with green or red chili peppers, pozole (Mexican soup or stew made with corn, pork, chili and other seasonings), birria de chivo y ternera (goat and veal stew), sopes or gorditas (fried stuffed tortillas) stuffed with potato, beans, rajas (roasted pepper strips), curd and meat; but the most representative of them all are the tortas ahogadas, elaborated with birote bread, pork meat and smashed beans and served on a really spicy sauce and drowned with another tomato sauce, garnished with marinated onions. Among the most popular typical beverages: café de olla (Mexican coffee spiced with cinnamon or piloncillo (unrefined brown sugar), white, vanilla or strawberry atole (pudding), tepache (slightly fermented pineapple drink), tejuino (cold beverage made from fermented corn), seasonal fruit beverage or the traditional tequila. For dessert, you may choose between buñuelos (sweet fritters) or calabaza en tacha (candied pumpkin), camote tatemado (burnished sweet potato), jericallas (custard) and rice pudding.