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Guadalajara offers a wide annual agenda of celebrations, full of color and tradition where, year after year, consolidate at a national and international level, with a greater number of visitors, among the most important:

International Film Festival A world-class event presenting quality films. An environment of dialogue has been developed between artists and the general public; it also serves as a gathering place for filmmakers, actors, cinematographers, both from Mexico and other countries. The International Film Festival is the oldest and most important film festival in Mexico.

International Mariachi and Rodeo Festival. Annual celebration of mariachi music in the capital of the mariachi. Musicians from around the world come to listen, audition, compete, play and earn the people’s applause. They perform in the street, in plazas and small buildings and theaters.

October Festivals. Since 1965, Guadalajara celebrates every year in October Jalisco’s culture through concerts, rodeos, soccer matches, typical dance presentations and art exhibits, in different parts of the city.

International Book Fair (FIL). Founded in 1987 by the University of Guadalajara, the Guadalajara International Book Fair is the largest market in the world for Spanish literature. Writers, scholars, artists and literary experts of all social classes fill the halls of Expo Guadalajara and submerge in the best of the literary world.


National Tequila Fair. It is held every year in Tequila, Jalisco, the city after which this Mexican national liquor was named. The small city of Tequila is located approximately 37 miles north of Guadalajara. The tequila fair gathers the country’s most important tequila producers and includes demonstrations. The fair also presents charreadas (rodeos), cockfights, mariachi serenades and fireworks.